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Gina Kim Acupuncturist

Originating from South Korea, Gina is steeped in a cultural tradition that utilises natural
therapies to maintain wellness. As a teenager she found herself challenged by several health
issues including, acne, digestive distress, runny nose, muscle pain, and sleep disturbance.
Her family sought out remedies prescribed by traditional medicine to cure her ills. She
naturally continued on this path and decided to help others through the healing power of
acupuncture. She and her family immigrated to NZ in 2009. Here she earned her degree as
Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture from New Zealand College of Acupuncture and
Chinese Medicine. As a mum, she holds a special affection for working with children and
holds further certification as an early childhood teacher. Her aim is to educate her patients about their total
wellness and start them on a path of natural healing from birth onwards. In her spare time,
Gina loves to explore the outdoors through tramping, practicing yoga, dancing, playing guitar and
listening to music. During lockdown she has taken up the hoola hoop and hopes to learn
advanced tricks.


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