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Dr Vanesha Sima Chiropractor and Kinesiologist

Dr Vanesha Sima (B.Chiro)

Dr Sima graduated from the prestigious The New Zealand College of Chiropractic (2010) & 12+ years of clinical experience.

With a passion to help others reach their full potential, she has furthered her education in Kinesiology (TBM) , Ayurveda, Meridians L1 and L2, Neuro Vascular healing, Paediatric, Pregnancy care & Cranial therapy.

She credits chiropractic care, kinesiology, Neuro Vascular healing (NV) and Ayurveda in helping her overcome her own health issues and knows it is possible to feel radiant in your own body. It's possible to come back from rock bottom and feel alive and thrive again!

I enjoy helping clients to heal and find balance in their lives by

  • rebalancing energies and begin to relieve symptoms associated with auto-immune disorders, adrenal fatigue, thyroid, hormonal balance, diabetes, indigestion, allergies, sleep issues, anxiety and more.
  • using and teaching techniques to reduce stress.
  • powerful pain relief techniques that address the root cause

"There is an innate wisdom in the body that heals itself, it only needs to be awakened and listened to"

She is a mother of two delightful girls, she loves caring for families, pregnant mothers, babies and children, helping them to be at their best. 


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