• Latisha Pinnington
    Massage Therapist

    Latisha is registered with Massage NZ graduating in 2014 with qualifications in Health Sciences, Applied Sciences, Therapeutic Massage and Life Coaching.  Latisha is originally from Christchurch and moved to Auckland in 2018 for further studies and experience after spending 2 years working within a multidisciplinary Sports Clinic in Canterbury. She is a believer in Massage using the principles during her extensive athletic career and working with Top athletes from New Zealand and International.  Her experience working with issues such as migraines, low back pain, knee reconstructions, anxiety, ADHD, and nervous system function has seen many positive results. Along with a passion for Chiropractic, after solving many years of neck pain, Latisha understands the body’s natural ability to heal with corrective care.  Latisha has a very holistic perspective of the human body and works closely with you to release what is causing the problem with structured and principled care-plan solutions.  She has a love of the theatre, spending time with family, and believes humour is imperative for good health.  

    Initial Consultation 60min Special $60. Usually $110.

    Follow up Massage 30min $60

    Follow up Massage 60min $110

    Qualified sports massage therapist.

    Current available hours are 

    Tues 8am to 1pm

    Wed/Fri 3-8pm.