ACC Physiotherapy

ACC Physiotherapy provided by a qualified and experienced Physiotherapist. No referral required. 

We strive to provide quality care and value our clients, if you are unsure of the right treatment, we offer a free no obligation 15min appointment to see if we can help.

$20 ACC co payment applies for full initial and follow up sessions.

We are Southern Cross affiliated providers and can process your treatment costs via the easy claim system on your behalf, provided this is covered on your insurance policy,

We provide care and services for all sports and work-related injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation and lifestyle advices. Treatment sessions may include joint manipulation, deep tissue mobilisation, heat therapy, electro therapy, strapping and personalised exercise programmes. 

Conditions commonly treated. (other conditions treated too, call/email if unsure)

Spinal: Neck, mid and lower back pain and sciatica, posture correction

Hip pain: with specific causes such as labral tears, acute sporting/ work related injuries, and non specific hip pain usually due to muscular imbalances 

Shoulder pain - bursitis , labrum/ ligament tears, rotator cuff injuries 

Elbow pain - issues such as fracture rehab, Golfers Elbow and Tennis Elbow and ligament strains 

Wrist and hand injuries - tendon overuse injuries, falls onto hand/wrist

Knee pain - acute trauma such as sports injuries and falls, or gradual onset pain 

Foot and ankle pain - sprains, fractures, Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, calf strains 

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