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  • Dr.
    Teri Meyer

    Dr Teri studied physical science, nutrition and anatomy at an athletic performance centre in 2010 whilst performing as a competitive athlete. During this time, she was facing significant physical stress from the competitive nature of her high level athletics training. She began experiencing severe migraines, neck pain and stiffness which affected her performance in key competitive events.

    She sought help and tried chiropractic care for the first time, the migraines resolved, along with the neck pain and stiffness. Dr Teri found incredible improvements in her performance and endurance competitively, she felt the chiropractic treatment not only resolved her neck pain and migraines but also allowed her to move and function at a much higher level. Intrigued by such incredible results she became inspired to become a chiropractor herself so as to get these results for others. 

    After studying in Medical Laboratory Science, she converted to a degree of Chiropractic and graduated from the prestigious New Zealand Chiropractic College.

    Dr Teri is passionate about delivering specific, intuitive chiropractic care to others and sharing the great results she experienced with her own history under chiropractic care. With an extensive athletic background, Dr Teri works well alongside others with athletic and sports related ambitions. Using a systematic approach, and knowledge of how various physical demands and postural habits cause misalignments in skeletal infrastructure and muscle imbalance, Dr Teri works to bring balance and ease to your body and optimise your health and performance.